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Oral Cancer Screening

Midhurst Dental offers oral cancer screening at each hygiene appointment.

Oral Cancer Screening

A thorough inspection for symptoms of oral cancer is always part of our routine preventative services. If detected and treated early, oral cancer is treatable with a full recovery. Our hygienists use VELscope to detect early signs of oral cancer.

What happens during an oral cancer screening?

Extra-oral Examination: Your hygienist will perform a visual examination of the head, face, front and back of the neck, and under the hairline and ears.

Intra-oral Examination: A visual check for anything out of the ordinary in the mouth including swelling, enlarged or swollen salivary glands and any changes in texture or colour.

What is VELscope?

VELscope uses lights and fluorescence to uncover any cellular, structural or metabolic abnormalities that are linked to disease developing inside tissues. It is used to detect early signs of oral cancer, pre-cancer, or other diseases.

Why is VELscope important?

Early detection is important for improving treatment success for patients with oral cancer.

Please notify your dental hygienist at the beginning of your appointment if you would like a VELscope exam, or have any questions about the procedure.

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